Blue Flower

The Problem

Wind Energy is the fastest growing energy source of the world. At some locations, it can already be cheaper than coal. However, several questions remain. How can we make wind energy more accessible to a larger community? How can we make the transition from fossil fuel to renewable fast enough to effectively reduce climate change?

The Solution

Airborne wind energy can be the answer: Using a flying wing, attached with a tether to a generator on the ground. electricity can be generated. This set­ up does not require a tower, does not require cranes and has the possibility to be operated at twice as many locations when compared to conventional wind turbines. Furthermore airborne wind energy has the potential to be significantly cheaper. To accelerate the distribution of airborne wind energy knowledge and to help with producing these systems world wide, practical education is required.

Our Mission

For educating engineers worldwide we want to develop and produce the smallest wind drone of the world, so that every university and school teaching renewable energies can afford to buy an easily to operate demonstrator system. Furthermore we also intend to sell wind drones to early adopters like yacht owners.